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2018 SCR950 Price and Reviews

2018 SCR950 Price and Reviews- All of us can’t emphasize enough how impressed we’ve been with Yamaha’s product planning over the past 4 – 5 years. The tuning-fork company has done a great job creating new platforms, and then building variations of them that appeal to a vast variety of buyers. And has hauled away several Ten Best awards in the act. Take the brand-new SCR950 for instance, this Bolt-based scrambler takes on an totally new personality despite sharing a lot of that cruiser’s core components.
So, what exactly is a scrambler made for anyway? Looking returning to a foregone era when there wasn’t today’s specific niche market specialization, if you wished to ride the dirt you took your plain-ol’ motor bike pryed on some big tires, put on long-travel suspension and launched off in the desert. Riders of that age didn’t know that they needed a 150-mph ADV bike with 10 inches of travel and cruise control, because that didn’t exist yet. Things were simple, and people had fun on what they had.

2018  SCR950 Price and Reviews
2018 SCR950 Price and Reviews

Although Yamaha has been making a habit lately of building incredibly fun, surprisingly affordable machines that make you just want to get out and journey. After spending a good day in the saddle of the SCR950 riding around the mountains near North park, I can report that Yamaha has once again nailed the less-is-more solution.
One thing which i visited with on the SCR instantly was the riding position. The mid-mount foot adjustments, and tall steel all-terrain style handlebar position the biker in a very comfortable and neutral riding position. My only complaints are the aforementioned seat, sometimes difficult to read tool cluster, and the right-side air-filter housing that was in almost frequent connection with the inside of my knee and managed to bruise it by the end of the day. A pleasurable surprise, however, was the excellent elevation of the handlebar, which made standing off-road easy and comfortable.

2018  SCR950 Price and Reviews
2018 SCR950 Price and Reviews

There is no question that Phazer nailed vintage scrambler style, but moved a step further by fitting the SCR with steel fenders, number plates, and container, all of which makes it feel real and yet totally customizable. Of course Yamaha has a bunch of accessories for the SCR, but we’ll be interested to see what other mods customizers of the the garage and professional variety come up with.

So, are we impressed with the SCR950? Does indeed it live up to recent Yamaha hits like the FZ-09, FZ-07, and XSR900? Due to the intended objective of delivering good general fun, it’s one daylights of cool bike and th


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