2018 WR450F Price and Reviews

2018 WR450F Price and Reviews- Phazer hits the trails with the new-and-improved WR250F. Recommended as competition-ready right from the box, the MY18 ‘Wide Ratio’ brings a newly-reworked engine in a new frame with other charming nuggets like the advanced suspension and optional engine-tuning software that uses your smartphone as an program for fast and simple ignition/injection umschlüsselung. Titanium poppets and electronic digital fuel injection add even more yummy-goodness to the mix as part of the standard equipment deal. Will it be enough for the current market? We’ll see soon enough, but meanwhile we can dissect the thing to see what all causes it to be tick.

2018 WR450F Price and Reviews
2018 WR450F Price and Reviews

Continue reading for my review of the Yamaha WR250F.
Evidently, Kawasaki has some calendar issues. The company introduced their all-new KLX450R to the press in late Drive, calling the bike a 2008 model, but then had units in dealers simply a couple of weeks later. In my book, which makes it a the year of 2007 model. Perhaps I may quite understand marketing and sales. Not which it issues, because my job is to understand motorcycles.

2018 WR450F Price and Reviews
2018 WR450F Price and Reviews

Regarding this new KLX, it has been derived from directly from Kawasaki’s KX450F motocrosser, the green cycle on which James Stewart dominates the AMA Supercross series. That’s a common method of developing moto bikes, and the Phazer WR450F likewise is a direct offshoot of the YZ450F motocrosser, as it has been since the introduction in 1998.

Consequently, what we have here are an all-new KLX450R and a completely reworked WR450F. What better, then, than a head-to-head matchup between the two?

To aid us determine a champion, we rode these off-road-only machines in the Illinois desert, hammered them in Baja California, climbed up to the peaks of the Piute Mountains, leaped them around our key enduro test course and topped it all with a day in the openness of the Mojave desert. In other words, we subjected those to all manner of off-road traveling conditions, logging more than 800 miles on each one.


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